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Lincoln... it's your favourite band. And you call it LINCOLN park :|

icyentertainment responds:

Okay so I get a little confused sometimes but that is no reason to give me 0 stars on a tribute to my favorite band. Smh.

Hahaha, I laughed a lot. It's true, not everyone can be a badass hero and know what to do in situations like Silent Hill presents! Audio felt a bit strange, but it was very very good.

CrazyIntense responds:

Thanks man! I noticed the sound was low, but thought it was the current cpu I was using because it has crappy speakers, but the audio was fine on my laptop. I'll do better on my future animations! Thanks for telling me! ^_^

Previews are better dumped in the dumping grounds until the full version can be released, in my opinion.

jeansthatfit responds:

well, I'm glad at least people on newgrounds at least read the description. :) but seriously... thank you for reading it. I know previews "shouldn't survive judgment" but it was definitely worth a try... and I was also looking for input lol

I disagree with you, sir.

I think this is very funny but however, to even begin to grasp all the details you have to watch it over and over some times. Took me three times to understand that the other guy is actually biting the others penis what the fuck :C. But anyways good job!

Regards, David

Starcraft as an FPS

That would be awesome, this is also equally as awesome

tis a nice idea

but you should make dialouges and movement also

Pretty good

There is no story, but its kinda fun to watch anyway. You can improve the animation and a storyline would be nice :P

3/5 6/10


The story, characters and the animation/grapichs are just supreme! I can't wait until Part D gets released! Exellent job!

I dont know

Why people bash this movie so much with bad reviews, I mean is IS a parody, it's supposed to be a tad over-done...


many complain on bad voice acting and stuff but i know that you can help having a bit of an accent. That is why I have chosen to give it a high score :D

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