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Pretty good and it really gets you :)

Although, my only comment is that there seems to be no way to regulate your jump height, which makes it very hard past 5-6 blobs. If you could add some kind of jump height adjustment, that would make it possible to go further, and the game would be more interesting. I have no idea how to do this though.

Other suggestions could be some kind of upgrades and some currency system maybe. An example of an upgrade would be wings upgrade, to perhaps make a mini mid-air jump. I could probably come up with more suggestions, but that's all for now!

Hope this helps in some way!

SilbinaryWolf responds:

Thank you, The game is aimed at mobile device compatibility and is more of a 'timed' game. But I agree with 6 blobs making the jumps a bit too tight. I tested jump height adjustment in an earlier build and it just didn't translate well to a touch/mouse setup.

Wings upgrade you say? What makes you think wings don't exist in the game already? :P

Anyway, I'll be touching this up and adding a bit more content, so stay tuned.

I like this.

However, if you would have a background that changes the further up you come, that would be cool. There could also be some enemies as well, the scale could be a bit smaller, so it could allow for more "books" to let you travel up, so if you get hit by an enemy, there would still be a chance to continue. Then maybe you could add upgrades, such as score multipliers, more books and perhaps more lift with each book.

BlackMarkEtteG responds:

Thanks :) I'll take your advice.


I had some fantastic hope of thing being a long and very scary. It was short and not so very scary :(

However, I do see potential, so I will still give a good score. My only complaint is that the movement is a bit strange. It's a bit delayed, and you cannot move diagonally without clicking... a lot. Anyway, that's all I have for now :)

Not really my thing, but I bet people who like dress up games will love this different take on it.

Cannablissfully responds:

Thanks for the review. :)

Pretty short, pretty basic and the two "moves" are exactly the same. However, I do see potential, keep training.

I am not entirely certain that kind of message is allowed, overall, it's a pretty basic concept of a game. The annoying message sure it annoying, but it's not really contributing much and I'd say it's pretty much to no use. By the way, what's up with the big black field underneath the game?

LongLizard responds:

Thanks for your comment, I'll get that message changed to something in game which is less intrusive. Made a mistake with the height of the canvas, just modified it.

Point and click isnt really fitting

This should be real time ^^

The previous reviewer is right

This game does never end! Good job! Very addicting a nice concept and it has all the basics. sure it would be nice with music, sounds and effects, but still very good job! I managed to get to level 40!


Great game and all, addicting. But wtf why cant people play it...
First time I started the game it went crazy, yes. But why not try to update the page??? I am using Widows XP SP3 and internet explorer...

its good

but you shouldnt be able to crash in invisible things and the "hitting" area on the plane should be oval or formed like the plane. good though

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